What Are Wagering Requirements?

wgaering requirements are important to understandAs you will already know only too well, if you have had a good read around the pages of this site, welcome bonuses and various other types of bonuses are 10 a penny these days. Along with these great offers come various limitations, stipulations, regulations and guidelines.

Whilst I cannot sit here and publicly say you don’t need to worry about any of them, because that would be foolhardy and irresponsible of me. The truth is the majority of these items of small print don’t actually affect most gamblers. However of course I would which recommend that you read them and understand them all before proceeding beyond the point of sign up.

Having said that, one particular requirement is by far the most important of all, and if you should fall foul of this you will be quite sorry that you did not fully avail yourself of its content. Wagering requirements are the most hard and fast rule you must bear in mind with any type of deposit bonus or other casino bonus online.

Wagering requirements basically dictate how much, if any, of your bonus funds and/or winnings you can withdraw out to your real bank account. If you do not adhere to the wagering requirements, or do not satisfy them by playing for the prescribed time or whatever else the rule may state, you nullify your right both to the deposit cash and any winnings you achieved when gambling with them.

magnifying glassThis is not a subject which is easy to explain, purely because every casino has their own specific requirements, and this complex myriad of differences is what makes most people trip up when it comes to wagering requirements. As an example, Casino X offers a welcome bonus of £20 but they state that their wagering requirements dictate that you gamble at least £10 of it within the first three days of sign up. So let’s say you take up Casino X’s offer, and you sign up the night before you go away for a week on holiday. Upon your return home you legally sit down at your laptop to begin enjoying your free bonus and having a go at Roulette for example. To your horror you find the £20 which was in your account when you left on holiday, is no longer in there. This is because in the first three days you did not gamble £10 and your deposit was revoked and swiftly snatched back out of your account!

So please make sure whenever you look at casino bonuses of any kind, that you are fully up to speed with the wagering requirements that particular offer and that particular casino, as they may vary, were quoting.

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This needn’t be as complex as it sounds, all it takes is a quick glance at the terms and conditions and the wagering requirements will usually be at the top. If not, you can usually see them with a clickable link directly below the offer you are interested in. Just exercise simple common sense and you will soon be playing with someone else’s money and hopefully winning big with it!