Online Casino No Deposit Bonus

Sign Up Bonus InformationHere we explain the meaning of the phrase No Deposit Bonus. A No-Deposit Bonus is a promotion offered by most if not all online casinos both in America and in the United Kingdom. This type of promotion is obviously only made available to those joining a casino and opening a new gambling betting account. You cannot take advantage of these if you have already had an account or currently have an account with that same casino.

What actually happens is when you sign up to your new account the casino places a certain sum of cash into your new account, depending on what offer or promotion you were taking advantage of at that time. This sum is usually directly proportional to the sum you decided to deposit out of your own bank or credit card, but not always as explained below.

be careful at online casinosYou need to exercise great caution with these types of promotions, because they can have several meanings. For instance one type of casino might define a No Deposit Bonus as a free sum of play money or dummy money which you can play with just to enable you to get used to their gambling platform. Other types of casino define this type of bonus is a sum of real money, yes real cash you can actually gamble with! But again you need to take that with a small pinch of salt sometimes, as there are often fairly stringent limitations upon the usage of that sum of money. For instance, you may have to play through it within a set period such as 60 minutes or 24 hours. What this means is for that period the money is available for you to play with, but as soon as that period ends the money disappears out of your account never to be seen again.

If you win money with this dummy money, or even if it is real money you are playing with, you do get to keep that money usually. But sometimes the winnings on dummy money are not converted to real cash, so again you must exercise caution and read all of the fine print before getting too excited. In addition to this any winnings you do have the fortune to generate may only be withdrawal when you have played again with those winnings sometimes multiple times. As you can see, the variation in these rules and limitations are wide, and without reading the small print of every particular casinos offer, you really do not know where you stand fully.

different types of bonusesTake extra care not to mix up the idea of a no deposit bonus with a Match Bonus or Deposit Bonus. These two types of promotions are very different, and if you’re not aware of this, it can come as quite a shock to the newbie. Just to explain the difference briefly, a Match Bonus is where the casino matches your deposit of cash with cash of their own. In some cases, especially at the larger casino brands, they will even match your deposit by several hundred percent!

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