What Are Online Casino Bonuses?

the various types of casino bonuses availableThere are several different types of Casino Bonus available in the UK. But understanding the differences between them all is crucial to ensure you get the very best deal for your money. Don’t lose sight of the fact that UK casino companies desperately want you to do three specific things: 1) Sign Up, 2) Deposit Money, 3) Keep Doing Number 2 for as long as possible!!

The many various bonuses can be a way to suck a lot of money out of people and some charity groups criticise British casinos for being so ‘generous’ with their bonus offers, as they can cause some people to get into problems, although those types of people shouldn’t be gambling at all. But if you have your head screwed on right, the casino bonuses offered by pretty much all UK casinos, are a fantastic way to gamble for free and in some cases, to actually earn a good regular income for some professional gamblers.

online casino offersDepending on whether you are just about to join a UK casino and looking for a bonus upon joining, or whether you are looking for extra bonuses for funding your already existing account with a UK casino, the various bonus offers may have very different uses for you. Below is a brief description of the different types of casino bonus available, with links to our own pages where you can read more about each type in more detail:

Sign-Up Bonus

A casino sign up bonus is something which is universal across all UK online casinos. It is any casino’s primary way of getting people to join their casino rather than another one. As a result, you will often find some really valuable promotions as casinos compete for the best sign up rates from visitors… Read More

Welcome Bonus

Casino welcome bonuses are basically the same thing as sign-up bonuses, although some casinos do offer two different offers, and sometimes they refer to them as a “welcome” bonus, basically a way of saying thanks for joining their casino… Read More

No Deposit Bonus

No-Deposit Bonuses are offered at many UK online casinos. These are offers of money which are not conditional upon you depositing money into your account in order to receive them. No deposit bonuses are a useful tool for the casino companies, they are generally used to entice you back to playing if you have been away or not been playing for a while… Read More

Deposit Bonus

cash bonusAs the name suggests, these bonuses do require you to fund your account in order to benefit from them. These are used in two ways. Firstly when the casino software realises that you haven’t deposited or played for a long while, they will send you an email offering you a free bonus if you deposit money into your account. On the other hand, some UK casinos offer deposit bonuses to new members as a teaser to ensure you quickly fund your account soon after joining. Read More

Free Play Bonus

A Free Play Bonus is exactly as it sounds. Some online casinos give you a chunk of money to go and play with, only for playing in their casino of course! Free play bonuses always come with a time scale, a limit in which you have to make as much money as possible with the bonus amount… Read More