Reviews Of The Best UK Online Casinos

We have tried out the best and most secure UK based online casinos to work out who exactly is the finest of the lot. Read our detailed reviews to discover what games are available and who offers the best bonuses and promotions for UK online gamblers. We also dig deep for the best coupon codes and special deals to offer to our readers, so stay tuned to our blog to stay up to date on the best bonuses around! Here is a shortlist of some of our all-time favourite casinos available to play online for UK residents…


Winner Casino

image of winner casino in ukThis is a great casino, and it’s no surprise to find this as probably the single most popular casino in the UK for the past year or two. casino has got to be one of the most, if not the most user-friendly and easy-to-use online casino website I have yet to try. The Winner brand is extremely customer orientated, their website is by far the most easy to navigate and it simply makes for one of the most pleasurable online gaming experiences around.

There is an extremely interesting game at Winner casino called Lucky Black Jack. I have not seen this game at any other casinos yet. I found it quite strange to begin with as there is one fundamental difference which kind of puts you off, you don’t get dealt any cards! That’s right, only the dealer gets dealt any cards, all I had to do was guess what the dealer’s hand was. This game operates on only one pack of cards, so it is actually quite a bit easier than you would first think. You have between 1 in 6 and 1 in 8 chance of winning which is a lot better than most casino games I’ve played.

Image of Online Casino at Winner.comAside from the games, excellent customer service, and the reliability and trustworthiness of their brand, Winner Casinos are also very popular purely due to the extremely generous bonuses they offer. This applies to both Deposit Bonuses and No Deposit Bonuses, as well as introductory promotions and signup bonuses.

Right now, Winner Casino offers a bare minimum of £30 free for every new customer, right up to 50% deposit bonus for amounts as obscene as £6000!! To find out more about the market leading offers from Winner Casinos – Visit Winner’s Official Website




Mr Green

MrGreen Casino ImageMr Green is the largest on-line casino in Scandinavia and we finally discovered why it happens to be one of the most famous and popular gambling spots for online punters. The answer is in their simplicity and ease of use. I have played at a great deal of casinos in my time, but never before have I found it so quick and easy to get playing, as I did when I gave Mr Green a try for the first time. Literally just a few minutes of filling out some details, and I was ready to click “PLAY”!

So many online casinos are too complex, or too anal about their billions of security measures, question and question, they drive me nuts. Congratulations to the folks at Mr Green for making it such a pleasure to sign up, and their superb deposit and no-deposit bonuses might have helped my enjoyment a little too!

MrGreen Banner ImageMost of the games at Mr Green are instant play, which is what you want when you choose to play online. Who needs hours of rubbish to go through? If I wanted that, I would go down the road to my nearest offline casino! Better still, for those who don’t like downloading large software bundles (I hate that), Mr Green offers loads of games you can play direct on their website, so no need to install heavy software that slows down your machine. Their website is very well organised too.

Visit Mr Green’s Official Website


————————- Casino

Casino review - 888.comDefinitely one of my favourites for at least eight years now! I visit almost every single day now. Offering online gambling since 1997 this historic and popular brand offers gamers a nice mixture of fantastic games, excellent financial incentives and really snappy customer support which is another useful thing to have in a casino these days, as I regularly find myself needing to contact them to see when the next deposit bonus is coming my way!

Grab The Best 888 Casino Bonus Offer Here! also has one of the best selection of loose poker tables I have ever seen, hence why I am on it almost every single night!

In fact while I am on that subject, here is a tip for you…..

Go for the video poker tables, the psychology of the people is so damn simple there! People go on those tables to be “seen” or to show off, which means they haven’t really got a head for poker, let alone maths!

poker bonus offers and new player incentivesBetter still, pop along to the video tables around the time pubs are closing. You get a s**t load of drunks turning up home from the pubs and clubs, they can barely walk but they think they can hit the poker tables and pull out a WSOP style bluff to make themselves famous with!

All you have to do is sit and wait for a good hand, then call anything these types of people bet, and you almost can’t fail to win a lot of money.

Just a word of caution – other pro players know about this too, so if someone is playing tight, just stay out of pots they are betting into, and you should avoid some nasty losses! So go fish out some big wins, just don’t get in my way!!

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William Hill Casino Club

reviewing online casinos at william hillWilliam Hill, or WillHill as its known to its regulars, is one of the largest gambling agencies in the United Kingdom and this has been the case ever since the 1930’s. They have around 2300 gambling outlets around the UK and enjoy an excellent reputation of trust and credibility. At present, they are probably the most trustworthy gambling organisation in the UK.

Their online casino is fast, reliable, and very secure. This is the type of place you go when you are new to online gambling and perhaps feeling a bit edgy about the whole process, or worried about identity theft and fraud etcetera! William Hill is a trademark synonymous with gambling in the UK, and way back when I was a lad at school, I remember going into William Hill’s bookies to have a sneaky smoke and a cup of tea during school break, and maybe the odd bet on a dog or two 😀

William Hill casino reviews are everywhere online, and it’s easy to see why they have a literally enormous following. An account at William Hill is a must for any regular online gambler based in the UK! Their deposit bonuses shame many competitors too! Grab today’s best bonus – Visit William Hill’s Official Website




That’s all for the shortlist for now at least. Be sure to visit the full reviews of each online casino via the navigation links underneath “UK Casino Reviews” in the menu at the top.