What Is Live Roulette?

live roulette providerLive Roulette is one of the fastest growing sub-niches in the online gaming and web-based casino industry. It has rapidly overtaken the likes of Live Blackjack and Live Baccarat. So what is live roulette?

For me, playing online European Roulette is one of the most enjoyable ways to spend an evening in front of a roaring wood fire. I became somewhat hooked on European Roulette back in my younger days when I used to regularly visit a popular London casino after a late shift at work.

When it comes to playing online European Roulette live, most web-based casinos offer a good service, but for me the clinching factor is how much it reminds me of being in a real casino, on those many late nights I spent sat at a warm red velvet table in my favourite gambling den in London! For me the clear favourite is Winner casino’s live roulette table, which is simply brilliant. Click Here to see just how good they are! (I should mention that Mr Green’s Live Roulette is a close second.)

52807759The Live Roulette game is a standard game of roulette which is being broadcast onto your TV set, smartphone or computer screen live as the game is played out.

The Croupiers used in Live Roulette are fully licensed just as with any normal offline Roulette wheel. However they are usually a tad better looking, as it is their job to do it for an online audience of thousands and thousands of eager gamblers! It does help to have a face which is easy on the eye!

These Croupiers perform their professional role of managing the gameplay at a European Roulette wheel but they are usually doing it in front of a video camera which is streaming the pictures live to you via the web or TV signals.

In an offline casino, Croupiers tend to be very cold, remaining devoid of emotion for the punters sitting around them, but in Live Roulette they often build a rapport with the punters as they are not physically able to see them so the need for the colder or more distant approach is not so important. Many Live Roulette players believe this makes it much more enjoyable, and this shows in the many reviews of casinos found online.

A Picture Of A Live Roulette WheelThe other obvious advantage is that this type of live game enables you to play from the comfort of your own home, saving you the cost and hassle of travelling to a real Casino and all the other stress of joining them, ID cards, expensive drinks etcetera! Visit Winner’s Official Live Roulette tables and find out just how much fun this is!