What’s A Free Play Bonus?

Bonuses for Free Play at online casinosFree Play Bonuses are extremely similar to Deposit Bonuses, with the one exception that they do not depend on you depositing money before you can receive some free cash. A Free Play Bonus can be defined in two ways.

Firstly you can look at it as a free bonus, or secondly as free play. This may sound confusing but it isn’t, and better still regardless of how you emphasise the words the meaning stays the same. Basically, the casino is throwing you a free chance to play for real money but without risking any of your own. This is a great type of bonus, and one I have used extensively throughout several years of joining and leaving various casinos.

slots and bonusesFree play bonuses offered to new gamblers and they give you an amount of time in which you must play with those free play funds. This time window is usually quite short, which is very clever marketing on the part of the casinos, as this slightly pressured situation increases your thrill, excitement, fear and adrenaline. And what does this little combination of emotions and chemicals mean to the casinos? Well it’s fairly obvious isn’t it?! It means hotheaded gamblers getting their kicks out of gambling within minutes of arriving on the virtual casino floor! So be careful, don’t let this ploy suck you into becoming an addicted gambler, just take what they’re offering an smile about it, then play like you don’t give a damn!

The trick is to get in as many bets or gambles as you can in the allotted time. This way you maximise your chance of winning money, whilst of course you can’t lose any because you’re playing with their money!

There are various great benefits to these types of Free Play Bonuses, but for me the single most advantageous feature is the fact that you can join literally hundreds of different casinos, bag yourself a free play bonus, and play like the devil as fast as you can, taking as many risks as you like on the gambling floor, and if it doesn’t work out or you lose it all you can still smile as you’ve lost nothing!

Bonuses apply to slot machines too you know!However through this process, you will get a great idea of which online casinos suit you best, which software runs best on your computer, which platforms offer the best promotions and bonuses, and generally which one you enjoy using the most. You can obtain all of this whilst having a great time, perhaps winning it big along the way, and without any financial risk to yourself whatsoever.

In summary, you may have already guessed, but we just love free play bonuses and we wish more UK online casinos would offer them, as many do but many still don’t.