Deposit Bonus

roulette wheel in online computer screenWhen you first sign up to an online casino, whether this is in the UK, the USA, or anywhere else in the world, it’s highly likely that the very first promotion that company will offer you will be what we call the First Deposit Bonus. A First Deposit Bonus is the same as any other Deposit Bonus, with the sole difference that it is usually significantly bigger. This page should explain to you the differences between the two, including the terms and conditions which can be different from time to time.

Each online casino has a Cashier Department. The name may vary but they will all have this department, usually clearly accessible from the Control Panel or home screen of your online casino account. Within this area you will be notified of promotions, offers and private messages relating to your account. This is a secure area, and all the promotions you see here are purely for you, and not available to everyone else.

In essence, a deposit bonus including the first deposit bonus kind, is a way to entice you to deposit more money when you make your initial cash deposit into your gambling account. How it works is as follows. The online casino will offer you a range of choices, from which you may only take advantage of one. The offer will also be time limited in most cases. So there may be a choice of first deposit bonuses and a further choice of deposit bonuses, which will go on being presented to you under different terms and conditions for the duration of your membership of that particular online casino.


First Deposit Bonus

gambling tableIn this case you will only be seeing this offer on your first login to the new casino website of your choice. This offer is made to try to make sure that you put as much money into your account the first time you open it as possible. But be careful, because the buy it now carrot is alive and kicking here! Whilst it may look like, and in fact whilst there may even tell you that you won’t see this type of promotion again, I can assure you that you will! Casinos are constantly offering new and improved promotions of deposit bonuses, which will apply for many months and years to come, but this first deposit bonus could be one of the very best opportunities to bank some free cash from these big players in the online casino world.

The way it works is this: when you make your very first deposit of cash, the house or casino will add a separate sum of money into your gambling account. Sometimes it goes into a separate account called a Bonus Account. But usually this is not the case in my experience. So, depending on the figures specific to each offer, you will receive a free sum of money proportional to the amount you initially deposited. So for example, if a casino offers you a “100% up to $200” bonus, this means if you were to deposit $50 they would give you $50 bringing your total playing bank to $100. Note the maximum $200, which means this 100% bonus will only apply to any sum you deposit up to and including $200, but no more than that. So the best you could get from this particular offer, is $200 free and you would obtain this by depositing $200 of your own money.

This is a great way to increase your training account if you are serious about your gambling, but this example is small in the grand scheme of things these days. In fact I have personally seen First Time Deposit Bonuses of as large as 500%. Of course this is not very common but it does happen so keep your eyes peeled.

Deposit Bonus

Ace King - the Big SlickJust as in the case of a first deposit bonus, a deposit bonus works exactly the same way but instead of being designed to pull more money out of you on your initial deposit, it is instead designed to entice you to deposit more when your account runs low. Most of these offers are automated or system generated to appear when your account reaches a small sum.

Above all you must bear in mind at all times that wagering requirements can and do often apply to all of the above types of casino bonuses. For instance, before you can withdraw any of the free money given to you under the terms of the bonus offer, you may have to play through that amount once, twice or more times.

We have a deposit bonus blog where we will keep you in tune with all of the latest deposit bonuses available in the UK, so stay in touch and see how much free cash you can bag for your betting bank!