How To Play European Roulette

Roulette High Roller BonusWhether you are talking about offline or online casinos, by far the simplest game you can play is European Roulette. You can play it in various ways depending on the level of risk you want, all the directly proportional level of odds you would like on each stake.

The primary objective for any punter playing a game of Roulette, of any type and there are several, is to select the correct winning number on which the ball will land when the wheel stops spinning. However there are many other ways to play the game, for example choosing black or red, odds or evens, or betting on whether the ball will land in the first third, second third, or final third of the board. Obviously the probabilities involved from a mathematical perspective are very different on the above choices, and as you would expect to pay out odds are very different too.

European Roulette - Bonuses and InformationThere are various types of Roulette, the origins of the game are found in France around 1842, and this original design has lasted throughout the decades and today’s game is based largely upon this original design. In European Roulette the spinning wheel consists of 37 different numbered pockets. The house advantage is therefore calculated at just over 2.6%. In the United States Roulette wheel consists of 38 slots or numbers and this is because they have an extra zero, or what they call a ‘Double Zero’ pocket. This tiny change to the board actually increases the house advantage to almost double at just under 5.3%.

There are two areas of the table when you can place bets, these are called the Inner and Outer areas. The inside or inner area is where the table of numbers exists, this is where you place your chips if you wish to bet on a specific number coming. The outer area consists of various boxes which represent the various columns of numbers, the options of red or black, and the options of odd or even.

Mr Green Roulette BonusIn European Roulette, at least in most casinos I have been in, each participant on one table will get a certain colour of chips, thus preventing any mixups if someone inadvertently knocks over a stack or two! These chips will only be valid on that particular table. Every Roulette table has its own specifics as regards minimum bets and maximum bets, this varies from casino to casino, and applies equally within the online casino world.

On the inside area where you choose to bet on numbers, you have a variety of options. For example you can stack your chips on a number, or on the edge of that number halfway hanging over into the next number, which would basically wager your chips on both numbers with only half of the total stack of chips applying to that bet. Likewise, you can stack your chips on the corner of four different numbers, where a quarter of your total stack would apply to each number, in this way you have four times the chance of winning but a quarter of the winning amount possible.

roulette bettingA European Roulette wheel must spin constantly. It is the dealer’s job to make sure that the wheel trickles along always moving, giving it a little nudge whenever necessary to prevent it coming to a stop. When a spin begins the dealer will give it a hard push to increase its speed, and then dropped the ball and push that around the circle in the opposite direction to the way the wheel is spinning, causing the ball to bobble and jump around and ensuring it is a random result. Once the ball stops within a number, the dealer or croupier will verbally announce the number, colour, whether it is odds or evens, and which column or third it is in. He will also place a large metal marker on the number on the betting board. This enables him or her to mark which stack of chips has won, and then he can swipe all of the other chips as the house profit! Then he will calculate the winnings for the person with the chips on that number where the ball landed.

That’s the basics of how European Roulette works, and it generally applies to all other forms of Roulette, but in most online casinos you will only be offered European Roulette, and this is not a problem for me as it is by far the most enjoyable to play.

live roulette bonusesBefore I go, a very important word of warning for you. BEWARE of the many scams and systems which people try to sell you, claiming they are surefire method of winning at Roulette by somehow magically on doing the laws of mathematics and providing you with a better rate than the house has. I can assure you 100% without a shadow of a doubt that this can only ever be a scam. Why is this? Well it’s very simple, have you ever met a poor casino owner? Have you ever met a stupid casino owner? No to both I’m sure is your answer.

The fact is European Roulette, and any other form of Roulette, has stood the test of time as the best and most consistent earning machine for casino managers the world over. Provided everything is completely random and non-conspiratorial, which it always is, the ball will land at random. Combining this fact with the mathematical fact that there is a 37 to 1 chance of the ball landing on anyone number, and with every re-spin that chance remains absolutely exactly the same, it does not take a genius to realise that there is no way a system could be devised that can beat that random sequence. So do not buy any system claiming to be the golden ticket for Roulette, there is only one golden ticket and that is to buy yourself a Roulette wheel and open a casino, that is the closest you can get to guaranteeing yourself a win with every spin, and even then you will lose some!

Many years ago I had the fortune to meet casino owner. It was in very stressful circumstances, as he was getting beaten up in the street. Of course I did not know he was a casino owner, I just saw this relatively old guy getting his head kicked in by a gang of young youths. I slapped a few of them and they ran away, then I helped the man up to his feet. He brushed his suit off, picked up his shopping bags and began thanking me with all his heart as he had truly feared for his life and one of the gang had a metal bar in his hand and was about to swing it at him when I intervened. I told him not to worry about it I was happy to help. But he was having none of it. He then announced that he owns a casino just up the road, it was actually a casino I had never been in at the time and had always wanted to. I told him that I love to gamble, and would definitely love to come and see his casino. It was at this point that he said something to me which was quite profound for me at the time.

The man leaned towards me grabbed me by the shoulder and said into my ear:
“Here is a VIP card, pop to the casino one night and hand this to the men at the door. They will bring you in and come and find me. Bring your wife or girlfriend, and you can have a slap up meal and as many drinks as you want completely on the house. But there is one condition, you do not play any games will take part in any gambling in my casino.”
I found this very strange, and he said it with a very serious tone, so I asked him why on earth I could not gamble my money in his casino. After all it was me who had done him a big favour! He replied:
“I know you, you do not owe me. If you come into my casino and play any game, you will be paying me money because the house odds are set up for you to lose, maybe not the first time, maybe not the second, but lose you most certainly will. I do not want your money. I want you to come with someone you enjoy being with, and have a nice enjoyable evening on me, no gambling okay?”
roulette informationOf course I agreed, and I had a wonderful meal and a wonderful evening, and somehow resisted the temptation to play any games which was extremely hard for me as you can probably guess! I hope this is a lesson to some of you, as much as it was to me. It is not a lesson to teach is never to gamble, it is a lesson to  teach us that casinos always win, punters only sometimes do!

There are exceptions, and if there weren’t any exceptions I would not be in business gambling. For example I can sit and play poker for many an hour, and will nearly always win. I will certainly be up over the year if I stick to poker. This is just one of several examples, but I am not giving you any others! If you are curious to know more, well all I can say is you should follow me on Twitter, and you might get a surprise some time very soon!!! 😀