What’s The Best Online Casino Game?

Mr Green ImageThese days there are so many different types of game you can play in an Online Casino, it’s almost enough to make your head spin. We have written a few basic guides on how to play each of the most popular games, but we won’t go into detail on every single game because we would be here all year!

Below you will find a brief summary of each of these most famous casino games that you can play online. These games are covered with their own more thorough page on the navigation menu above.


Slot Machines

Slot machines come in so many different types, it would be impossible to list them all, or even explain half of them to you here. This is because there has been a massive shift in technology over the last few decades, which has turned the predecessor to the online slot machines into something of an ancient relic now.

The origins of today’s slot machines are the Fruit Machines which have been found in many British clubs, pubs and bars for many years now. These were extremely large, heavy mechanical machines with a complex series of gears and cogs inside. On the side was a large steel lever or handle, which is where these machines got there other slang term, The One Armed Bandit.

Usually these machines would have three reels, with a list of different fruits pictured on each real. When a correct sequence of fruits, usually three matching, would hit the win line, you would win whatever amount related to that sequence.

Irish Slots AdAs technology progressed, these became four reels and I remember seeing even five or six reeled devices in my childhood, but now I’m just showing my age! As digital technology came about, the mechanics continued, but a digital computer would determine whether a win was on the reels or not. In time the need for a handle on the side disappeared and buttons were introduced on the front of the machine.

These days slot machines are nothing like they used to be, they are so different they are virtually unrecognisable. Instead what we have now is basically just some computers, which are set to pay out based on certain criteria or percentages. These percentages are now displayed on the machine and this is a legal requirement in most countries. So if you ever see a slot machine in a pub or bar just have a look on the small print somewhere on the front and it will tell you how often it pays out, for example 70% right up to 95%. There you go, I just helped you increase your odds by 25%!

Just to give you some idea how popular these machines still are, even though they are now run with software and the pictures are computer generated on the Virtual reels, modern-day slot machines are by far the most popular form of gambling in worldwide casinos today. In fact they make up something like 75% of the average casinos income, this is enormous, and just goes to show how most people in a casino have no strategy, skill, method or plan of action, they simply want to throw their money into a hole, press a button and hope for the best! Whilst that might sound a little bit harsh, you can’t say it isn’t true.And I should probably admit just for integrity reasons that I have been known to have a go on some online slot machines in my time, just for a bit of light-hearted fun.

image of Mr Green SlotsIn fact my very own uncle, the luckiest person I’ve ever known, joined a casino a little while ago, deposited £200, and began playing the slot machines without a care in the world, just pressing buttons almost at random. An hour later he had £1000 in his account, but it doesn’t stop there. He continued to gamble and his bank dropped by half to around £500, before winning not one but two jackpots in the next 10 spins and netting himself a ridiculously lucky £6000. The first I knew of it was a few days later when he arrived at my house for a cup of tea, on a motorbike he had just bought with his winnings. Lucky GIT!



888 offers a great poker environmentOnline poker simply has to be my absolute favourite activity, I really don’t know where I would be without it. And I’m not talking about just enjoying a bit of time gambling here, I play poker semi-professionally. What do I mean by this? Well I have friends who play between 50 and 80 hours per week, and they are in a very handsome salary doing so. I simply haven’t got the patience, or a comfy enough office chair, to put in the hours like they do.

However I can honestly say that when I play poker I play to win money every single time, and nine times out of ten that’s exactly what I do. My preferred poker room is 888, the type of people play there make it really easy on someone like me, someone who wants idiots to get drunk then go all in on a pair of 2s! I really love 888’s poker software, the table feels incredibly real, and there are literally hundreds of choices for table stakes starting from just 1 cent / 2 cents! It’s an ideal beginner’s site, but also ideal for those who want to mop up some easy cash off of unsuspecting fools! If you haven’t tried their tables, Click Here to see what you’re missing!

Poker is not a game of pure chance. Of course there is chance involved in what cards will come out of the deck next, but there is no chance involved in how I bet, how other people bet, how and when people fold, and how the human mind works. Poker is a game of mental behaviour, mathematics, and last but not least, chance. The chance can be eliminated by knowledgeable and skilled play, so that it almost becomes an irrelevance to how the game will go, and how much money you can make.

Picture of a pair of acesPlaying online poker is both enjoyable and profitable when done correctly. Best of all, it is tax-exempt in the UK because it is considered gambling, even though as I have already said it is not just about luck. A good friend of mine gave up an extremely well-paid job, purely out of determination to follow a long-standing dream of his, and begun reading books and playing in the very small poker rooms, I’m talking about 1c/2c poker tables! Within 12 months, he was proudly telling everybody how he was now a professional poker player. And his poker account balance backed this up. He was pretty proud of itself and so he should be too.

winnerThere are various types of online poker, just as there are various types of off-line poker. There is Draw Poker, Stud Poker, Omaha Hold ’em, and loads more besides.

Whilst I have enjoyed a few games of Omaha Hold ’em in my time, my all time favourite just like most other players is Texas No Limit Hold ’em. There are two reasons for this, firstly it is my favourite game, but secondly it is everyone else’s favourite game! Therefore the amount of players, or more importantly the amount of money being played on poker tables in the Texas No Limit Hold ’em bracket is simply incredible. This means that this type of poker has far more winning potential for anyone who knows how to play it properly than any other type.

Check out how to play Texas No Limit Hold ’em Poker by visiting our dedicated Poker page for this topic.



mr green image of blackjackThe game of Blackjack is the most commonly played banking game in a casino. It is also known as “Twenty One”. Players of online Blackjack or off-line Blackjack are competing against the house’s dealer as opposed to playing against other players. It is played with at least one deck of 52 cards. The game focuses on aiming to get 21 points on your first two cards, if you do this is called Blackjack. If the dealer however gets blackjack as well, he wins the game. Another way to win this game is to reach a score bigger than the dealer has, but without exceeding the blackjack limit of 21. The only other way to win, is to stick with a number you are happy with, for example 18 19 or 20, and let the dealer keep drawing more cards in the hope that he goes bust, which means over 21, in which case you win.

picture of blackjack dealerBlackjack is an extremely enjoyable game, and the reason it is so immensely popular is because of how simple it is to follow the rules. Imagine a drunk guy walking into a casino and looking for an interactive game against the house which he can pick up and understand, and play reasonably well within minutes. Many casino games would not do for this purpose. But blackjack is an ideal choice every time.



Baccarat game played onlineThere are three different types of Baccarat, but we will just deal with North American Baccarat as that is by far the most popular in online casinos. But that is a game where comparisons are made between two hands, the hand of the player and the hand of the banker.

Each player’s cards have a points score attached to them. Cards numbered 2 to 9 carry the value as displayed on them.

Tens Jack’s queens and kings have no scoring value at all, and aces are worth one point. The aim of the game is to score as low as possible with zero being the best score or “Baccarat”. View my favourite online Baccarat room here.


Online Bingo

Online Bingo is enormous these days. Originally bingo was a very traditional game played in England, whereby the punters which were usually little old ladies, went to a bingo hall once or twice a week. They would purchase a printed ticket on which there were various numbers, the house announcer would then announce numbers drawn at random out of a hat or a tumbler.

woman playing online bingoEach time a number the house announcer read out matched one on the printed ticket owned by the punter, they would mark off that number with a pen. Once all the numbers had been crossed out, you would shout bingo and you would win the prize relevant to that round a bingo.

Online bingo works in a very similar way, except it allows the linking up of the many more punters, resulting in much much bigger winnings for those lucky ones. Online bingo is great fun and there is a real sense of community within it, mainly thanks to the chat rooms featured on most bingo sites, where you can talk to many other people and chat while you play. Online bingo now has a reach of over $1Bbillion per year. Winner bingo is by far the most fun to use in my experience and they have some simply awesome introductory offers – you can see the best of them here.