10bet Online Casino

In this video, we get sneak previews of what to expect from joining 10bet online casino. There are so many various and different games to expect ranging from kids’ games such as Germinator and other movie-themed games. There are also Blackjack, Roulette with fun themes and graphics. The website is powered by Microgaming Software which is a trusted software so unsure your safety in this online casino.

Facing the Problems of Addiction

Easy now, chip king! If you are experiencing casino high with all the winning streaks you are getting, good for you! But always remember, do things in moderation…especially in gambling. There are reasons why many people in the world face problems with gambling addiction. Before you know it, you are already spending more money than how much you have on your bank account, you are already betting your properties, and you are getting more and more frustrated every time you play. Check yourself first before answering the question, are you one of them? Even in online casinos, the symptoms of gambling addiction is similar.

The solution is really pretty simple. Manage your time and money wisely with the support of your family and loved ones, and you won’t have to face any form of bad addiction from gambling.

European Casino Association Code of Conduct

The popularity of online casinos is not limited to America but it even reached the whole Europe. My last post was about online casinos code of ethics, and one great example of this is European Casino Association (ECA) Code of Ethics. This covers not just online but also especially the land-based counterparts.

This code is like the bible for casinos, including online, which governs its surrounding members to protect its players, the system, and the owners at the same time. There is one general goal for the creation of these codes and that is to promote clean and safe casino industry.

Code of Ethics for Online Casino

To secure current and possible players the safety and security of online casinos, these websites must be a member or active supporter of the Gambling Industry Association or other online casino organizations. This organization is created to eliminate online casino scams, hacks, and cheats that loses the credibility of the online casino industry.

Just like other professions such as medical doctors, nurses, lawyers, engineers, and many more, there is also Code of Ethics for online casinos and gambling in general. These organizations follow a strict compliance of the Online Casino Code of Ethics. This comprises 10 statements that provides a standard and foundation for online casinos to follow to make certain their players have fair chance of winning and have certain rights as well. This is to protect both the players and the online casino itself. In whatever games under online casino, such as Roulette and Poker, the code of ethics should be followed. This is a win-win situation for everyone.

Gambling City Promotion


Gambling City is one of the safe and trustworthy online casinos out there. However, I am in no way or another posting their video to promote them or hype their online casino. What I love about this ad is that their market director himself is the one inviting you to play in their website. We rarely see official representatives from websites to show their faces and reveal their name just to prove that their site is safe and not fake. Their name and their reputation is what’s at stake when they are found to be fraudulent. Most of other websites pay one of their actors or models to post a review, could be real review or not, and make money out of the advertisement. With this Youtube ad, get the real score straight from the Marketing Officer.

You can view the video here.

How to Win Online Slots

What I love about Online Slots is the different themes that are used. There are so many different themes from Hawaiian, fruits, history, even TV shows and movies. The favorite one I’ve tried lately is the Dark Knight Rises theme.

Aside from enjoying the best experience by choosing the theme you love, the most exciting part of playing online roulette is, of course, WINNING! Find out from the experts how they earned a fortune out of playing online slots from only using welcome or sign-up bonuses at the beginning. Observe patterns and strategies that are known to be effective. One thing to place in mind is that everything is unpredictable and random, so all these strategies are mere speculations.

Winning Online Roulette

One of my favorite gambling games whether in casinos or online is Roulette. It’s very fun, it’s easy, and needs a little lady luck on your side. Although, there are strategies and techniques on how to win online roulette, the decision will always rest in your hands. You can search the internet for ways on how to win roulette, and you will find hundreds of great tips. There certainly is strategy involved and it’s up to you if you believe it or not. There are certain people who claims these games are cheated through software programs, however, trusted online casino websites such as 888.com will never risk their reputation for petty schemes. So, these tips you will get from internet forums and websites are mere observations from expert players and you can follow them as you please. The most important thing is to enjoy online roulette!

You will learn online roulette tactics in this video.

Funny but True!

I always put in my head to be a responsible online casino player. It is difficult to enjoy gambling games without the feel of placing big money on the pot. Every time I play, I limit the money I bet and I set the time frame on how long  I keep on playing. One hour and thirty minutes maximum a day online is already a good time. I set myself three to four times a week, and yes I listen to my wife when she tells me not to play in that day. Family is always my top priority so even if I enjoy playing gambling online, nothing beats spending time (and money!) with my family.

Choosing the Best Online Casino

Choosing an online casino to play takes common sense and whole lot of risk. There are still a lot of online casinos that claim to be safe and legal but turn out to be ridiculous scams and bogus sites. So it is only necessary to be careful and to choose the right online casino very wisely.

The guy in the video talks about great advises to make certain that an online casino is real and legit. Follow these certain methods and, undoubtedly, you will end up choosing a safe and enjoyable online casino.

Vegas was a bigger gamble than I thought…..

Well as those of you that know me will already be aware, I was invited to Las Vegas by a friend of mine who wanted someone else to ride alongside him. He rented us both a Harley and asked for some company, who was I to let a friend down? 😉 😀

So off I went, didn’t take too much money with me, but certainly enough to ensure I had a good time and made the most of some of the best Casino and Poker tables in the world! I was doing well too, until the 3rd day when we went for a ride out into the desert. How amazing it was, truly stunning sunsets and some great pictures too as you can see below….

vegasSo anyway, on the 3rd day, some muppet walked out in front of my motorbike, and I had to steer hard right to avoid going right through him! I lost traction and slid along on my right hand side. The damage to the bike was really nasty, but luckily I had decent gear on and didn’t get injured other than a few bruises.

Anyway, the poker and casino venture went well, and I came home with double what I went out there with, which basically covered all the costs and a bit of spare change besides! Can’t grumble really!!

New Jersey Now Live As A Gambling Venue!

Casino table imageWell we all know how panicky the US is when it comes to online gambling! They prefer people to get on a plane and go to Vegas (which any American is legally allowed to do by the way) as this keeps their economy booming. Crazy isn’t it?!

Well recently New Jersey was given permission to open up gambling dens and casinos, after many years of it being prohibited just about anywhere and everywhere in the US.

The law which prohibits gambling in the US dates back to around 1960. One two of the 52 states of America can permit gambling, this is Delaware and Nevada (where Vegas is). In a few days, gambling in New Jersey goes live, with a total of fifteen websites being launched!

Winner casino bonusThanks to a SLIGHTLY more sensible governmental approach, we lucky Brits can game all day and night, and just last night I doubled my balance in a new poker room I am trying out! My favourite is still 888 Poker though. You can read my detailed reviews of UK Casinos here on the site.

Stay tuned for updates and many new online casino bonus codes.

888 Casino and Poker is great, but many distrust it….

As an avid poker fan, I must confess to playing poker pretty much daily lately. It’s just such a great game. I play on various sites, 888.com being my particular favourite. It’s not the best necessarily, I have just learned which tables and players are the most “leaky” or least disciplined. Friday and Saturday nights is just great fun, so many drunk people going all in on 2,5 and similar rubbish hands!!poker

I played the other night and within half an hour everyone was ranting about how 888 was ripping them off with “rigged” software. Everyone agreed around the table, except me. I kept quiet, as I dont like to get into the chat too often, its a distraction which I prefer to leave to the other plonkers!

But I soon had to chip in (so to speak! :D) – Sorry, and I know businesses will do anything to get more money, but rigging software is just a ridiculous suggestion. If they got caught doing that, they would be out of business, it’s suicidal. I just dont buy it. However, what I do buy, is the notion that people can’t stand losing, and even though some of the beats were really bad, it’s just lady luck, not rigged software! That’s my opinion anyway! Online UK casinos would not put their entire multi-million dollar businesses on the line for a few measly bucks in a poker room, it’s just crazy to even think they might!

Big Slots Win – Is My Uncle The Luckiest Man On Earth?!

You know how sometimes you meet someone and it just seems that no matter what they do, they always land on their feet? My uncle is one of those types of people. Always has been, always will be.

banking bonusesI have lost count of the amount of times over the many years I’ve known him that he has had a great stroke of luck just when he needed it most. But this one just takes the biscuit! This is a man who hasn’t got the faintest idea about strategies, common sense or even the simplest form of money management. I used to play poker against him, often from 6 to 10 hours at a time, and despite him having virtually no idea about the game whatsoever, he nearly always won. He is just a jammy git I suppose.

Just a few weeks ago he told me he was going to have a go at some online casinos. Quite what he meant by that I don’t know. I did ask him, and he didn’t seem to know either. He just said he fancied a gamble, and I know from experience that when he says something like this it is like Lady Luck is whispering in his ear to go and throw some money away somewhere so she can throw it back with interest!

slot machines winnings!Well just the other day he turns up at my house for a cup of, dressed in his old Hells Angels gear. He wasn’t driving his beaten up old car, he was driving his shiny new motorbike. Not a brand-new motorbike, a secondhand deal that he no doubt got a bargain on, but a new motorbike to him at least. He then began to tell me yet another of his stories which, if anyone else was telling me I would call them a few names suggesting they are talking out of the wrong end, but not in John’s case, I just knew this was about to be the most incredible yet completely true story I had heard for some time.

casino slot machinesHe signed up to Winner casino after I gave him a nice deposit bonus code by email, as well as giving him my personal quick review of the best UK casinos. He didn’t have any plan on what he was going to play, or how he was going to gamble, the only plan he had was that he had £200 “to lose” as he put it. Coming from a man who hardly ever pays his bills on time, this is a funny statement in itself! So he began playing the slot machines at Winner.com and he had a few losing spins as you would expect but he was soon banking some fairly decent wins. Half an hour later, after some very handsome wins, he had over £1000 in his account!

So did he do what I would have done, and bank this wonderful 5 to 1 win ratio of cash? Is the Pope a Catholic? Well yes he is, but he didn’t bank the cash, of course not, this is John we are talking about! Instead he decided that he was just under gamble like mad pressing any buttons on any games that he could find, and if he got down to £500 in his account he would walk away at that point. Not actually that bad as ideas go, pretty good for him in fact.

slotsSo on he played, without a clue what he was really doing, and he did have some big losses taking him down near enough the 600 mark. But then what happened? Will I told you he’s a jammy git didn’t I?! Well he carried on and hit a big jackpot didn’t he. Well I thought, as he was telling me this wonderful story, surely he walked away with his £2000 jackpot? Did he ****!!! He carried on playing. £2000 came down near enough 1500, right before he won another jackpot on a different machine, netting himself an incredible £6000+!!!

casino slotsSo a few days later once he knew the money was back on his credit card, he gets in his car goes to a local bike shop and buys the bike had his eye on for months but never had any idea that he would be able to actually buy it. Then he turns up at mind to boast about it. Then I write about it on my blog, to try to ease the pain I suffer from when I see such completely incapable and inept human beings like John profiting so well from their utter stupidity! I spent hours, days, weeks, months learning the art of playing poker in a strong and disciplined way, so I can earn a fraction of that per week. But in one day, with no skills whatsoever, just a bullish attitude and bit of help from Lady luck, and John is sitting on his lovely new set of wheels. I do hope I don’t sound jealous! Moi?!

NOW who is “Mr Green“? 😀