What’s The Biggest & Best High Roller Casino Bonus?

These days the number of High Roller casino players is on the increase. Back in the days of off-line casinos, there were plenty of high rollers, and casinos would do their utmost to keep these players playing in their casino, rather than going down the road to someone else’s.


What’s A High Roller Bonus?

Regal is part of WinnerA high-roller is basically someone who plays in a casino with a huge amount of money compared to the average Joe. In the old days before online casinos came along, you will only see such people by visiting a well-known casino and looking around the room at the ones getting fed the most free meals and drinks by the manager! This was the old-fashioned way of giving high roller bonuses.

I knew a high roller player once many years ago. He was a Chinese businessman, who owned a chain of restaurants and hotels in Devon. He would never visit a casino with less than £50,000 in his pocket! And if that makes you choke, as it did me, that is nothing compared to some high rollers. In fact he was considered one of the small high rollers. A friend of mine now knows a man he gambles around $1 million per month. He is part of a syndicate of gamblers but he does the gambling, and therefore he would be considered a very high roller!

Winner's High Roller OfferNow that we have online casinos and the bonuses that they offer, it is not hard to see why high Roller Casino bonuses are extremely sought after. When you consider that most casinos will offer the average punter like me and you no-deposit bonuses of over 300%, sometimes even 400%, can you imagine what they would offer you if they knew you had several million pounds in the bank and you loved to gamble? Where you can take it from me, online casinos will do just about anything to get high rollers into their online poker rooms and casino tables.

A High Roller Bonus is basically the same as any other bonus but much larger in order to attract the very biggest gamblers. They mainly come in the form of first deposit bonuses, but not always. High rollers but large sums, and usually lose large sums just like any other gambler. So it is a fairly simple decision for a casino to make, to offer a loss leader in order to get them through their door and get them hooked on their playing room and/or software.

willhillTwo of the best high roller bonuses are offered by William Hills popular Casino Club, and the other one I recommend is Winner’s Regal Casino. Here is the best High Roller Casino Bonus I know of.

Both of those will get you banking some great bonuses for being one of their bigger customers!